Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, CT | The Property - The Fairfield Hills campus is owned by the Town of Newtown, Connecticut. Campus redevelopment is ongoing and offers opportunities for private and municipal uses.
Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, Connecticut
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Woodbury Hall

Woodbury Hall, 30,000 GSF, two story and basement, 1st floor 10,000 sq. ft., 2nd floor 10,000 sq. ft., basement 10,000 sq. ft.

Woodbury Hall was built in 1933 as a nursing staff residence. The 30,000 gross square foot two-story structure includes a basement and an attic. The building is symmetrical with a large entrance pediment and gabled roof ends. Although used primarily for staff rooms, the building has a layout that could lend itself to offices. Many of the existing rooms are of the size and proportion appropriate for office use. The building has a large entry space that could serve as an office reception area.

Woodbury Hall    30,000 GSF    Price Negotiable


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