Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, CT | The Property - The Fairfield Hills campus is owned by the Town of Newtown, Connecticut. Campus redevelopment is ongoing and offers opportunities for private and municipal uses.
Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, Connecticut
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Officials Tout Newtown's
"Open For Business" Attitude

Officials acknowledge that for some time, Newtown had a reputation among developers because of the meticulous, some say painful, process of getting commercial projects approved. But those days are over...

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Newtown Hall

Newtown Hall, 16,500 GSF, two story & basement, 1st floor 5,500 sq. ft., 2nd floor 5,500 sq. ft., basement 5,500 sq. ft.

Constructed in 1933, Newtown Hall was originally used as the Fairfield Hills administration building. The front façade contains an ornamental pre-cast entry colonnade and pediment. Inside, the main entry is adorned with tastefully detailed plaster and wood moldings. Most of the office spaces contain the original wood doors, transoms, and trim. Newtown Hall’s existing layout, quality of architecture, and basic construction, makes it adaptable for office reuse.

Newtown Hall    16,500 GSF    Price Negotiable


Fairfield Hills Campus • Newtown, CT 06470 • 203.270.4282 • Info@FairfieldHills.org
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