Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, CT | The Property - The Fairfield Hills campus is owned by the Town of Newtown, Connecticut. Campus redevelopment is ongoing and offers opportunities for private and municipal uses.
Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, Connecticut
      Photo provided by the Newtown Bee  

Officials Tout Newtown's
"Open For Business" Attitude

Officials acknowledge that for some time, Newtown had a reputation among developers because of the meticulous, some say painful, process of getting commercial projects approved. But those days are over...

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EPA Clean up Grant for Danbury Hall and Single Family Homes Underway

EPA Clean Up Grant for Stratford Hall and Duplexes #58 & #59 Completed

Valley Council of Governments (VCOG)/EPA Brownfields Clean Up Grant for Duplex Buildings 60, 61 & 63


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